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In Portugal you can choose between sandy beaches, rough landscapes, beautiful villages, golf courses in Algarve, centuries old towns and quiet rural areas.
Its capital city, Lisbon, has a town centre combining the restored old docks and the industrial areas built for the World Exposition 1998. Worth visiting are the residential area Belem Tower, with its museums and gardens; the Monastery of Jerónimos, and the National Palace of Sintra.
Coimbra, in the centre of Portugal, has two cathedrals, the oldest university in the country and the National Park of Buçaco, ancient place of retreat for nuns and monks.
Porto, in the north, has a harbour built by the Romans at the mouth of the river Douro. It is the home town of the Port, the digestive, rich and alcohol rich wine.
In the south, the visitor can find Alentejo, a quiet region of olive trees, cork oaks and wheat fields, separated from the rest by a mountain range and spotted with castles and villages of whitewashed houses. Not far away, Algarve welcomes the visitors with its warm weather, its coastline and its sandy beaches, tourist destination of many Portuguese and other Northern Europeans.


Emergency numbers: Police/Emergencies-112 / Breakdown (south)-219 429 103 Breakdown (north)-222 056 732
Max. blood alcohol level allowed: 0.2 g/l.
Opening hours of shops: Mo-Fr 9am-1pm and 3pm-7pm. Saturday until 1pm.
Currency: Euro.

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