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France has 551.695 km². In the south, surrounded by the Alps, you can find the Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe, 4.808 m. high. The Alps and the Pyrenees are perfect for climbers and for those who love snow sports. Up north, mountain ranges, plateaus and hills link Alsace with Brittany, where you can visit the Mont St. Michel and the cliffs and mountains around and also sail and camp.
Paris offers a wide range of cultural events, as well as a good sample of mixed architectural styles. The Mediterranean coast is covered with vineyards, and the visitor must not forget the Cote d’Azur, famous for its jet set, its beaches and its holiday resorts.
The French cuisine has a long tradition and history. Its outstanding chefs, original styles, presentation, design and exquisite flavours, as well as the traditionally produced wines enjoy international recognition, not to forget other drinks like Burgundy, Cognac and Champagne. All over the country the visitor can find medieval castles offering receptions and wine tastings. France has a high quality net of tourist information centres and transportation.


Emergency numbers: Accidents-112 / Police-17 / Firefighters-18.
Max. blood alcohol level allowed: 0.5 g/l.
Currency: Euro. Number of campsites: 10000, most of them with mobile homes and bungalows.

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Camping Parc de fierbois
(Ste catherine de fierbois - France)
Camping Parc de fierbois
(Ste catherine de fierbois - France)
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(Houlgate - France)
Camping De la vallée
(Houlgate - France)
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(Saint coulomb - France)
Camping Des chevrets
(Saint coulomb - France)
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